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As per the reports it is found that each year the millions of people throughout the UK are affected from work related illness or injury. Most of such illnesses or injuries may occur as a result of employer’s or individual’s negligence.
The common illnesses cause whilst at work includes
  • Hearing loss
  • Vibration white finger
  • Asbestos

Factories or industries where employees are exposed to harmful substances are more prone to such illnesses. Being an employer, they have the duty of care to follow all possible health and safety procedures to avoid the risk of illnesses/injuries.

If an employer fails in their duties resulting in minor or serious injury to employees, the employer is liable for their act of negligence. Employees have the right to be safe in the workplace. So, the appropriate level of risk assessment is to be completed by the employer to ensure a safe environment for the employees to work in.

If you have suffered a work related illness, you must consult a legal expert to file a case against the responsible person.

Our solicitors at M&S Law have years of experience in helping individuals who have been victims of health issues following their occupation.

You do not need to worry if you are not sure about how to claim or whether you have a valid case or not. We will help you in making an informed decision by providing the best legal advice based on your working history and working conditions.

If you are seriously ill, a family member can start a claim on your behalf.

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