Industrial Deafness Claims
The exposure to loud noise in any place may impact your hearing. In case if you are at continuous exposure to excessive noise in your workplace, you may suffer damage to your hearing ability. This hearing condition as consequences of employee’s working environment is termed as Industrial Deafness or Noise Induced Hearing Loss

If you ever feel that you have to ask others to speak louder, if you are finding difficulty in hearing even if the volume is high or have ringing in your ears, it indicates that you may be suffering from industrial deafness as a result of high noise levels at work.

Noise level is mostly high in industries such as construction, mining, foundries etc. Employers are responsible for providing a healthy and safe working environment to their employees that may lessen the risk of accidents and industrial illnesses.
Consult our Legal experts as soon as possible to file a claim for Occupational hearing loss compensation

If you work or have worked in a noisy workplace, your employer must provide adequate ear protection. Failure to do so would mean that you may be entitled to make a claim for your hearing loss.

Our solicitors at M&S Law are very knowledgeable with different types of industrial deafness compensation claims. We understand what factors are to be considered when filing a claim. It helps in evaluating and assessing your potential claim. All aspects of the case are taken into account to make a strong and compelling case.

Your claim will be run on a No Win No Fee basis, giving peace of mind of no upfront legal fees. In the unlikely event of your claim being unsuccessful, you will not have to pay our legal fees.

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