Why you should instruct us to make a Will

Peace Of Mind – a solicitor-drawn Will gives you confidence that following your death there is a valid legal document to give effect to your wishes. Do-it-yourself Wills often fail to comply with the law and are ineffective. Sometimes they result in expensive and stressful litigation.

Divide Your Assets As You Please – without a Will, your estate will be distributed in accordance with the Intestacy Rules. This may be contrary to your wishes. With a Will, you decide.

Protect Your Children – those with young children can appoint a guardian to take care of their children. Wills can also create trusts for children to make appropriate financial provision.

Provide For A Partner And Friends –  The Intestacy Rules do not provide for a partner with whom you live or for your friends or chosen charities. By making a Will, you decide.

Protect Your Business Assets – whether you are a sole trader, partner or shareholder, you decide what happens to your business.

Change Of Circumstances – if your personal or financial circumstances have changed, you should update your Will.

A Will that has been legally prepared by a solicitor and executed and witnessed according to the law is difficult to contest and will ensure that your wishes are met. Avoid costly mistakes: speak us today.
Partner Solicitor of CANCER RESEARCH UK
We’ve partnered with Cancer Research UK to provide both a telephone and online Will-writing service to suit your needs, that is free for people living in England & Wales who want to write a simple Will.

Partner Solicitor of Cancer Research UK

Our standard fees are listed below:
  • Basic Will – The cost of this service is £120 plus VAT.
  • Mirrored Wills – £180 plus VAT
  • Non Basic Wills – for any other Wills, please contact us to discuss the matter in order for us to provide a quotation.
  • Lasting Power of Attorney – £350 + VAT ( 50% off £175+ VAT ) plus registration fee of £82 for each LPA.
  • Will Trust – £500 + VAT
  • Trusts – £2000 + VAT but can vary subject to your requirements.

Full fee estimates are provided for all the work undertaken at the outset.

*The above fees can vary according to the work involved and can be significantly more than the prices provided above. A more accurate figure can be provided once we have discussed the matter with you in detail.

Please contact us today to discuss your legacy planning on 01254 40 40 66
Or email us at jade@mandslawltd.co.uk

Costs – We provide a transparent fee estimate from the outset to ensure you are fully informed.

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