Housing Disrepair Claims

At M&S Law we understand how frustrating it can be living with poor housing conditions and disrepair within a property, and the impact it can have on your daily life and wellbeing. Our specialist housing disrepair team have successfully dealt with many disrepair claims on behalf of tenants.

What is Housing Disrepair?

Your landlord has a legal obligation, under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, to maintain the structure of your home in a good condition and ensure the property is kept in good state of repair that you and other occupants are able to live in the property safely and comfortably.

You may be entitled to compensation, if you have notified your landlord of the following and the landlord has failed to repair the issues within a reasonable period of time.

  • Damp or Mould
  • Water damage from leaks
  • Defective roofing, guttering and drains.
  • Defective windows/doors
  • Defective bathroom and kitchen fittings.
  • Internal damage to the walls, ceilings and floors
  • Defective electrical wiring, sockets and fixtures such as extractor fans
  • Defective gas and water pipes
  • Mice, rats or other pests.

Making a claim through M&S Law means each aspect of your case is assessed thoroughly so that you receive the maximum compensation and have the best chances at success. We work hard to give you all possible advice and assistance you require for the quick recovery. The amount of compensation depends on the condition of your property, and takes into account the duration of the disrepair.

Our main aim is to ensure your landlord carries out all the necessary repairs to your home at no cost to you and enable us to get you the compensation you are legally entitled to and deserve.

We work on ‘No Win No Fee’ basis, meaning there are no upfront fees and in the unlikely event of your case being unsuccessful, you would not be charged at all.

Have you reported your housing disrepair concerns to your landlord? Have your concerns been ignored? Find out how much your claim is worth with our FREE Instant Claim Calculator

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