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Each year, millions of lives are affected physically, mentally or both due to road traffic accidents in the UK. Such accidents can occur due to any reason such as poor driving, wrong judgement, use of the phone while driving, poor weather condition, potholes, car malfunction etc.

No matter what type of accident has happened, Road Traffic Accident (RTA) Claims help sufferers to get compensation for negligence and liability from the third party. We understand that many accidents are not limited to bruising, fractures or other injuries which can heal completely after some time. But in severe cases, accidents can change the whole lives of the affected people.

Our Road Traffic Accident Claim team is highly experienced in dealing with different types of situations to make a strong claim. If you have been involved in RTA as a driver, biker, motorcyclist, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist, with no fault, we can help you in making a personal injury compensation claim. With increasing road traffic every year, the increase in minor to major injuries due to accidents are becoming common. A Road Traffic Accident claim is not just restricted to claim for personal injuries, it also helps in recovering the financial losses such as time off from work, medical expenses, vehicle damage or damage to any personal items.

How to make a claim after a
Road Traffic Accident ?

No matter what type of accident you have had, whether you have essential information about the other party or not, if you have knowledge of how to proceed with an RTA claim or not, M&S Law will assist you in all aspects of your claim.

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