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Every year thousands of car accidents are reported in the UK despite high level of safety standards. As a result of these accidents, several people have lost their lives, while many have been left dealing with stress, trauma, financial losses and long-life illness. If you are someone who has experienced the ill-effects of a car accident with no fault of your own, M&S Law is always at your service to provide the best advice for road traffic accident claim. Whether you were the driver, a car passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist, pedestrian or a victim of a hit and run, you may be entitled to claim compensation for a physical or psychological injury, vehicle repair cost, loss of earnings, damage of personal item and any other loss associated as a result of an accident. What You Should Do In The Event Of An Accident. Involved in a car accident? 

Simply get this information for making a claim:
  • Details of the third party, including vehicle registration number, full name, contact number and insurance details if available.
  • Contact the police in case of dispute, serious injury or any danger to you.
  • Take photographs of the vehicle or injuries as a result of an accident.
  • Keep a record of all costs and expenses after the accident, i.e. medical invoices, vehicle repair invoice etc.

What We Will Do? After making the decision for a compensation claim, simply contact us for free no-obligation advice regarding your claim. Our highly experienced solicitors will deal with all essential details or documents related to your claim. We will thoroughly deal with your claim in a professional manner so that you are fully compensated for your injuries and expenses. Although the compensation amount depends on various factors, we aim to recover the maximum for the pain, sufferings and losses you have experienced due to your injuries. We will keep you updated throughout your claim. Contact Us We have dealt with a large number of clients who have been successful in claiming compensation for their injuries.

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