Many people are unfortunately under the wrong impression that writing a Will is something you do when you get older or that it is only for the richer people. However, this is far from the truth and anybody with assets such as property or finance and anybody with young children should ensure they have a correct, up to date Will in place to ensure that their wishes are carried out after death. Research carried out by Will Aid indicates that around 27 million adults living in the UK do not have a Will. This equates to over 50% of the adult population and remains an extremely worrying statistic. Nobody wants to ever think about or talk about what would happen when we die but what could be better than having measures in place to ensure your loved ones are not caused any further distress with legal problems in relation to your estate. 

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A basic Will is a relatively inexpensive document and does not take a great length of time in the grand scheme of everyday life. Contact our professional and experienced team today for a free consultation on 01254 40 40 55 or submit our online form and we will call you back at a time that suits you. 

What is a Will? 

A Will is a legal document which set outs your wishes and instructions as to how you want your property and other assets (such as money, cars, jewellery etc) to be distributed after your death.

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