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Vibration White Finger is a condition which can be caused as a result of excessive and long-time use of vibrating equipment, such as pneumatic drills, grinders, sanders and other similar tools. Such types of equipment are mainly used in the coal mining industry and other sectors.

The symptoms of this work related illness vary from person to person and may lead to the injury to their nerves, blood vessels, muscles, hands, fingers and arms.

The employer has a duty of care to take necessary measures to reduce the possibility of such injury to their employees. These preventive measures include regular breaks at work, anti-vibration gloves, adequate training to use vibration tools, and others. Failure to do so could leave an employer liable for vibration white finger compensation claim.

The more exposure to vibration tools may result in worse symptoms, which may further leave you with permanent numbness in your fingers. As a result, you may find difficulty in performing many simple tasks.

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