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If you are driving a car, truck or any vehicle at work, and have sustained an injury as a result of an accident, you may be able to file a claim for compensation.

Your employer is legally responsible to follow correct health and safety measures to avoid the risks of accidents at work. If a vehicle accident has occurred causing injury due to occupational negligence, you have the right to claim compensation.

We protect the rights of Employees injured in Vehicle Accidents
Our solicitors at M&S Law are fully aware of the potential hazards associated with vehicles at work and how to make a claim if an employee has sustained minor or serious injuries due the negligence of his/her employer. Accidents may occur if a vehicle is overloaded, inadequate driving training, uninformed about risks and safety measures, vehicle requires maintenance, vehicle machinery not working properly etc. It is true that the employer is not always at fault. Sometimes an accident may occur due to the negligence of a drive, such as driving above the speed limit, ignorance of traffic signals etc. We analyse the situation and assess whether you have a valid case or not. We can handle all types of vehicle accidents at work. A thorough investigation helps us to determine your potential claim. The severity of the injury, loss of earnings, pain and stress, and other financial losses are all considered when make a claim for compensation.

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