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No matter where you work. Your employer has a legal responsibility to take all health and safety measures for providing a safe working environment to their workers. A different type of accidents can occur due to the health and safety breach, negligence or lack of care by the employer. The injury can be mild or severe depending on the type of industry, working conditions and the level of health and safety neglection.
Accidents can happen due to the lack of:
  • Inspection of machinery, equipment and structures at regular interval of time.
  • Providing health and safety training to the employees.
  • Informing workers about the associated risks.
  • Providing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for a specific job.
Health and Safety Breach Claim

The reasons for accidents at work are countless. If an employer fails in their responsibilities, the chances of accidents in the workplace increases.

If you have been injured as a result of an employer breaching health and safety regulations, you may be entitled to make a claim for personal injury.

Our solicitors at M&S Law can assess your accident circumstances and advise you if you have a strong case for compensation. One of our experienced solicitors will have a detailed discussion about your accident and will assist you in all possible ways. If your employer is found guilty, we will file a health and safety breach claim for their negligence.

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