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Dental Negligence is an act where an individual has suffered an injury or pain as a result of any kind of dental treatment. All dentists have a duty of care to provide safe and correct treatment to their patients.

If a dental professional, either working privately or under the NHS, has been found responsible for any negligence in providing services to you, you may be entitled to claim a compensation for your sufferings. If you feel something went wrong in your treatment, you must not delay filing a dental negligence claim.

Some Examples are:
  • Unsuccessful dental treatment
  • Worsens the existing dental problems
  • Caused new dental issues
  • Requirement of another surgery due to errors
  • Misdiagnosis
If you have experienced any of the above medical negligence, no need to worry at all. The solicitors at M&S Law specialise in claiming the compensation for the effects of dental negligence.
Get Specialist Advice to Claim for Negligent Dentistry

Are you suffering with pain as a result of carelessness of your dentist? Our solicitors will look at what went wrong and what steps are to be taken to correct the matter.

All dental negligence claims consider the different amount of compensation, which completely depends on the various factors such as the type of injury, patient’s dental history, the severity of pain, future medical expenses, injury prognosis, and others.

We are here to help you understand whether you can claim, how to start a claim, how to proceed with the claim and all other relevant information.

We provide free legal advice and guidance with no pressure to make a claim.

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