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In several areas, lands with contaminated soil are a major concern of health issues among people, either working or living in that area. The industrial sites are on the top of the list of such areas where spillage and disposal of harmful wastes may be done improperly.

Being a landowner, it is the legal duty of an employer to conduct risk assessment procedures at regular period of time and to follow proper disposal techniques. If any employee or another person becomes the victim of ill-effects of contaminated soil as a result of employer’s or land owner’s negligence, that victim has the right to file a compensation claim for his/her injury/illness.

If members of the public are exposed to contaminated soil, they may suffer injury or illness. They may also be entitled to make a claim against the responsible person/organization.

We at M&S Law understand the issues, i.e. physically, psychologically, socially and financially, that are faced by victims as consequences of chemical exposure.

We have helped many of clients throughout the UK who have sustained injury or illness resulting from harmful chemicals or disposal present at the site.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to identify the real cause of illness. Our solicitors are well versed in such cases and know how to collect the correct information to determine whether you have a valid claim or not.

We are happy to serve our clients with the best legal services regarding their personal injury claims.

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