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Cerebral Palsy is a condition that affects movement, portion and co-ordination of babies and children as a result of brain damage. In some cases, this condition is directly related to the negligence of healthcare professionals and/or medical staff.

Whether Cerebral Palsy has been developed during or after the childbirth due to medical negligence, parents or legal guardians have the right to claim for compensation for the infant’s injury.

The costs of long-term treatment and support associated with the caring of a child with Cerebral Palsy can be quite high. Such children need lifetime support to lead a fulfilling life. They may need 24 hour care, lifetime therapies and treatment that can be difficult for parents to manage everything in terms of physically, mentally, socially and financially.

Make your Child’s Life Easier with Suitable Compensation through Claim

If your infant has been negligently injured due to the carelessness of doctors or midwives, the solicitors at M&S Law will help you to get legal support to claim for compensation.

We understand the impact of Cerebral Palsy on an infant’s life, which can be difficult for some parents to deal with due to the complex needs of the child with such medical conditions.

We have years of experience in serving people with secured compensation, lifetime rehabilitation packages, education and other needs.

We investigate each situation with the help of medical experts and analyse each aspect for claiming the deserved compensation. Our solicitors will guide you throughout the claim process and will also recommend the relevant therapies, healthcare and rehabilitation experts.

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