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There can be high risks of sustaining injuries such as burns, scars and lacerations in certain jobs due to someone else’s negligence. No matter where you work, your employer must ensure to take all responsible steps to provide a safe workplace.

These injuries are often minor in nature but can leave you permanently scarred. Some cases may require laser treatment or surgery to improve the disfigurement of the affected area. It may not only lead to financial stress due to taking time off from work, but also significant psychological harm and distress.

If you have suffered with a burn, scar or laceration injury, either small or big, you may be eligible to make a claim for your sufferings, physical and psychological.

Making a claim for your injury

Our dedicated team of solicitors at M&S Law have represented numerous clients throughout the UK with work related personal injury claims.

We understand how a scar can be distressing for a victim, especially if it is in a visible area. We will help you to get the appropriate treatment in aim to improve the appearance of the scar. Our personal injury solicitors discuss the potential claim with you and will support you in every way possible to make a successful claim.

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    If you are thinking to make a claim for an injury that was caused due to their negligence or an employer, you can call us All cases are carried out on a No Win No Fee agreement.

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